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Portadam Installation at Hydro Dam: Innovative Solutions for a Changing World

What Is Treatability: An Important Asset in Environmental Dredging

Minnesota Power Hydro Dam: The New Era of Renewable Energy

Underwater Acoustic Deterrent System: Upgrades to Protect the Great Lakes from Invasive Carp

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J.F. Brennan Company Brennan Accepts Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award

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Island Building and Habitat Restoration: Utilizing Dredged Material for Environmental Benefits

Remediating Sediment Contaminated With PCBs, PAHs, Mercury, Chromium: A Successful Clean-up Story

Inspiring the Next Generation of Builders: Coming Together for Kids in Construction

Brennan Accepts 2023 Environmental Excellence Award for Innovation

J.F. Brennan Company Earns 2023 Great Place To Work Certification™

Dam Rehabilitation and Operational Updates to 100-Year-Old Structure

Diver-Assisted Dredging and Capping Used in the Cuyahoga River Improvement Project

Brennan Celebrates National Maritime Day

Women in Construction Week™ 2023: Celebrating 25 Years of WIC

Hydropower Expert Aims to Bridge Gap in Renewable Energy Market

Brennan Acquires Dredging & Dewatering Division

Repairing Fish Guidance Nets at a Hydropower Dam

Influential Environmental Restoration: What It Looks Like [VIDEO]

Brennan and UW-La Crosse Announce New Partnership

Brennan a Best Workplace in Construction, Ranked 14th Nationally

Andrew Timmis Awarded for Safety Excellence

Underwater ROVs: What Are They and How Are They Used?

Local Partnership Provides Young Women With Opportunity To Explore the Trades [ VIDEO]

Brennan Makes List of Top Contractors in America, 5 in Hazardous Waste

Brennan Announces Significant Expansion

3+ Years of Remediation on the Grasse River Conclude With Success

Brennan Welcomes Hydro Expert Christopher Rousseau, P.E., F. ASCE

J.F. Brennan Company Makes Safety A Priority

Why Getting a Contractor’s Constructability Review Matters

Brennan Opens a New Mid-South Location in Paducah, KY

Executing Major Rehab on an Existing Lock in 105 Days

Appreciate Your Dredge Operators

Brennan Proudly Establishes Joint Venture with Ahtna

Brennan Welcomes Specialty Diving Services, Inc. to the Family

Restoring Habitat in the Great Lakes to Save Endangered Species

How We Installed a New Spillway Wall at a Private Hydropower Dam

Brennan Announces Achievement of Three ISO Certifications

How to Ace a FERC Hydropower Dam Inspection [NEW]

Brennan Awarded Great Place to Work® Certification

Successful Hydraulic Dredging Relies on Critical Velocity

How to Avoid Catastrophe by Systematically Inspecting Your Slings

River Restoration: Small Dredges Prove Useful in Waterways

Rural Dam Construction Areas Gain Access to Internet

Dive Inspection Leads to Underwater Dam Repairs in Colorado

Brennan Takes Three Hitachi zx470lc-6 Excavators on the Water

Brennan's SHERP ATV Makes A Splash [NEW PHOTOS]

Most-Searched Blog Topics of 2019

Risk, Impact, and Corporate Responsibility: Implementing an Environmental Management Program

Study Time at the Fish Disco: Installing a Bio-Acoustic Asian Carp Barrier System

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Helical Piles 101: Strengthening Foundations

State of the Environmental Industry | June 2019

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Tainter Gate Operation: Monitoring Tension for Longevity

7 Cost-Drivers of a Dredging Project

Empowering Individual Safety with Technology

The Basics of Using Polymers on Dredging Projects

3 Critical (and Simple) Steps to Prevent Stray Current Corrosion at Barge Terminals

Company Pride: Brennan Gets Re-Certified as a Great Place to Work

Cofferdams 101: Different Types and Construction Methods on Waterways

Fighting Scour With Articulating Block Mats

4 Essential Steps of Wetland Restoration

Out of Sight, Out of Mind; The Importance of Underwater Inspections

The Significant Value of Replacing America's Railroad Bridges

The AWO-RCP, Subchapter M, and ISO Certification

The Leverman's Challenge

The Most Effective Way to Build Sand Covers and Caps

How to Successfully Stabilize Dams Utilizing Post-Tensioned Anchors

Tips For a Successful Internship at a Great Place to Work

QC-ing the QC Equipment

Waterway Infrastructure from the Eyes of Those Who Build It

The Real ROI of In-House Safety Training

Effective Solutions for Underwater Scour Repair

4 Attributes of a "Great Place to Work"

3 Crucial Steps for Dredging Near Utilities

Pros and Cons: Turbidity Curtains for Environmental Dredging

Mixing Fire & Water - The Art of Underwater Welding

2 Things You Should Know About Dropping Water Temps

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4 Steps to a Successful Safety-Based Observation Program

Welcome (Back) to the Brennan Blog

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Our Crumbling Lock & Dams

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