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Scour and Erosion Remediation

When it comes to remediating scour and erosion problems, Brennan offers many robust, long-lasting options. Scour is very common around dam structures and can often go unnoticed. It may develop slowly over time, or be brought on quickly by an intense rain event or seasonal flooding. The results can compromise the structural integrity of the dam with little advance notice. Brennan can detect, assist in the design, and repair scour and erosion issues that may be going unnoticed in any location around a dam or along an embankment.

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Cast-in-Place Articulating Block Mats

Articulating block mats are one of the most effective forms of scour and erosion repair and prevention. Cast-in-place by knowledgeable crew members, this method uses a high-strength fabric formwork that is reinforced with steel cables. The framework can be placed above or below the waterline in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Once installed it will create a long lasting result that will resist future erosion at the toe of the slope.

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Precast Concrete Articulating Block Mats

Articulating block mats can also be precast either onsite, or offsite before placement. These mats can be cast in several configurations to allow for seeding and plantings within the blocks. Precast block mats are also cable reinforced and create a long lasting, aesthetic repair to the embankment.

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Rip Rap

This is a traditional method of erosion control for the shorelines. It is often the most economic means of repair and prevention. Brennan can place rock from the shoreline or bring it by barge and place it from a floating marine plant.

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Sheet Piling

Brennan has been driving piling for 100 years. We develop a plan that limits or eliminates our impact to the dam structure in order to provide quality repair and reinforcement. Our ability to safely drive piling from land-based, water-based, or even from amphibious platforms will provide dam owners with scenarios that will best fit each project.


Dredging promotes efficiency as much as a well-functioning terminal does. Brennan can provide both mechanical and hydraulic dredging options that will maintain the needed depths for efficient navigation. From mass removal to surgical dredging, we have the ability to right-size our operation for your project needs. This includes projects that may involve rapid dewatering and disposal in offsite locations.

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