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Maritime Security Barrier Systems & Installation

We have provided construction services for more than 100 years for marine-based infrastructure. In 2022, we acquired Harbor Offshore, Inc. (HOI).

HOI is known globally as the standard for maritime security protection and is the first company licensed by the US Navy to reproduce its waterside perimeter barrier system for commercial application. HOI's experts joined our team, bringing their trademarked Harbor Offshore Barriers™ systems to our clients. 

Our Maritime Security Barrier Systems and Solutions

We understand that your security needs are unique. Our customized approach takes into consideration your specific security and environmental requirements. 

Our trademark maritime security systems, Harbor Offshore Barriers™, are designed and fabricated to withstand harsh marine environments. Made using high-density, high-quality materials, including HDPE, to maximize UV resistance, our barriers are built to outlast the effects of maritime conditions.

The longevity of our security products is measured and confirmed. Rigorously tested and patented, our maritime protection technology secures your waterside perimeter and assets. Lasting over 20 years, our barriers continue to serve our clients as installed, providing unbeatable maritime security.

Why select Harbor Offshore Barriers™?

Harbor Offshore Barriers™ are built and carefully installed to withstand corrosion, debris, waves, and water level fluctuations. Each application is unique; therefore, we can provide customized variations of our patented systems.

Our maritime security barriers are customized to fit your security and environmental requirements. We work together with you throughout the design phase to create a tailored solution that will stop a malicious attack in its tracks.

Maritime security barrier systems are deployed to protect critical assets:

  • Airports
  • Bridge Structures
  • Chemical Plants
  • Dams & Hydropower Plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • LNG, Oil Production & Transport Facilities
  • Military Facilities & Installations
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Ports & Marinas
  • Shipyards

Our Proprietary Maritime Security Barriers

Beginning with our patented designs, we will customize a solution for you. The maritime security barriers highlighted on this page are just the beginning. As we work through the design phase together, we will develop a tailored solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Fixed Security Barrier (FSB) System — US Patent #7,744,313

Our Fixed Security Barrier (FSB) System stops a boat’s progress in milliseconds yet remains capable of stopping a second or even a third swarm attack. Our FSB system is low maintenance, attack resistance, and long-lasting, even in the roughest seas.

Our fixed security barrier system is designed to be permanent and installed in place to stop:

  • Fast Inshore Attack Crafts (FIAC)
  • Boat-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (BBIED)
  • Multiple Boat Attacks
  • Intruders at full power before, during, and after impact
  • Underwater Penetration

Floating Port Security Barrier (PSB) Systems

Our floating barriers have low maintenance costs and protect your waters from attacks and unwanted intruders.

Examples of our various Port Security Barrier (PSB) models:

  • PSB 600™ Port Security Barrier System
    Our PSB 600™ is the current standard anti-terrorist port security barrier system for commercial installation. It employs a continuous net capture system supported on a floating pontoon structure.

  • PSB-T™ Port Security Barrier System
    Our PSB-T is a maritime barrier security system the US Navy uses and is suitable for military and civilian use. It is designed to stop FIACC, BBIED, and multiple boat and swarm attacks, among others.

  • PSB 5500™ Port Security Barrier System
    Our PSB 5500™ anti-terrorist system employs a continuous net capture system supported on a pontoon structure. This marine barrier system has the highest ultimate stopping energy (9.09M FT-LBF/12,337 kJ) and working stopping energy (5,500,000 FT-LBF/24.46 MN) of the Harbor Offshore Barriers’ anti-terrorism systems.

 Due to our work's sensitive and proprietary nature, please contact our team for more details.

Looking for specifications on our security barriers?

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Through an acquisition, Harbor Offshore, Inc. (HOI) became a part of J.F. Brennan Company, bringing its services and team members to the Brennan family. More details are available in the news release: Brennan Announces Significant Expansion with New West Coast Acquisition.