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Environmental Services

Brennan offers flexible approaches and innovative solutions to successfully restore contaminated waterways and wetlands. Much of our portfolio is full of accomplishments that have surpassed remedial goals and raised industry standards.  We do this by coordinating closely with all stakeholders and investing in the research and design of new and innovative tools.

Geotextile Tube Dewatering (22)

Dewatering Services

Our team utilizes their hands-on experience with dewatering and water treatment to perform treatability testing and properly design dewatering and water treatment systems for dredging projects. Brennan’s experience in passive dewatering systems and active (mechanical) dewatering systems provides the flexibility required to perform dredged material, sediment consolidation, and water treatment if necessary.

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Environmental Dredging, Mechanical Dredging, Environmental Dredge Bucket, Environmental Dredge, Environmental Remediation

Environmental Dredging

Through hydraulic, mechanical, amphibious, and diver-assisted micro dredging, we are the industry leader in environmental dredging, transport, dewatering, and disposal.  Our clients can expect us to not only deliver a successful outcome, but a well-coordinated, collaborative process in which it is achieved.

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Environmental Habitat Restoration

Habitat Restoration

We are dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of environmentally sensitive wetlands, lakes, and rivers, and for over 30 years Brennan has rebuilt hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat.  From remote locations to dense urban areas, we have the ability to complete a full restoration.  

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Environmental, isolation barriers, environmental dredging, containment walls

Isolation Barriers

Our strong background in marine construction services enables Brennan to provide our clients with quality isolation barriers that will contain and isolate areas of concern from sensitive ecosystems.  Whether permanent structures, temporary cofferdams, or dual purpose infrastructure we can assist in the design and self-perform the installation. 

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Mobile Water Treatment Trailer

Mobile Water Treatment Trailer

Our mobile water treatment system is a complete water treatment plant, enclosed in two 52-foot trailers, and features quick disconnect hoses for fast setup. The system offers 150 to 200 gallons per minute capacity. Additional treatment units may be added to increase system capacity.

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Sand Capping, Environmental Capping, Environmental Restoration, Environmental Dredging, Rock Placement, Cap Armament, Insitu Capping, Capping, Environmental Remediation

Sand Covers and Capping

Brennan can offer the greatest number of options, outpace any other production rate, and guarantee the best outcomes in the industry.  With well over 1,000 acres of successful placement throughout the United States, we will mitigate our clients’ risk.  

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Treatability Testing header

Treatability Testing

We perform treatability testing on dredged materials, sediments, industrial residuals, and sludges in our laboratory. After testing is complete, we recommend and select the most efficient means and methods for dewatering the material and the separated water.

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Water Treatment (1)

Water Treatment

We provide water treatment services for dredging and hazardous wastewater projects throughout the United States. Our greatest strength in dredging water treatment is the depth of experience among our personnel. Whether it be a treatment process, testing, discharge permit, or operating strategy, we have the expertise and equipment to design the best water treatment solution for you. 

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Environmental Remediation, Wetland Remediation, Environmental Cleanup, Marsh cleanup, Wetland Cleanup, Environmental Dredging, Amphibious Dredging

Wetland Remediation

There’s the traditional way, and then there is our innovative, cost effective approach to successfully clean up a wetland.  Brennan specializes in working in areas that are too soft to support ground equipment and too dense to float barges.

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Enviro Brochure Cover


J.F. Brennan Company specializes in water-based remediation and habitat restoration projects throughout the United States. We have successfully completed some of the most challenging environmental dredging and restoration projects in the nation.  Download our brochure here to learn more about our capabilities and the services we offer.

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Wetland Rehabilitation Services Brochure

Check out our Wetland and Marsh Restoration Services.  We specialize in difficult to access, environmentally sensitive restoration projects!

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We are always looking for hardworking, driven individuals who have a passion for restoring our nation's waterways!

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