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Dam Construction Leave in Place Formwork

Using vinyl sheeting is an effective way to restore damaged concrete both above and below the waterline. It acts as a functional barrier between the water and the concrete structure behind. Using either z-type of flat faced vinyl sheeting, Brennan can carry out a full restoration that will resist degradation from freeze-thaw cycles.

Vinyl sheeting is light, and can be handled without the use of heavy equipment. It does not rust, and will bond with the underlying concrete. Waler systems are installed either in front, or behind the sheeting to tie them all together. The toe of the sheet is secured in place using steel embedments, or by installing fabric formed grout bags. Steel embedments are also installed similar to traditional concrete placement methods, however it is tied in with the vinyl sheeting. Concrete can either be placed using traditional methods, or using preplaced aggregate concrete placement procedures.

Dam Construction Leave in Place Formwork Photo Gallery


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