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Dive Inspections

Our divers are experienced and commercially certified with the knowledge necessary to perform a thorough underwater inspection. They are familiar with dam structures as well as underwater construction techniques, and are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Call us to carry out detailed FERC Part 12 inspections on any part of your structure.

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hydrographic survey, multibeam survey, dam surveys, bathymetric survey

Hydrographic Surveys

Brennan uses the latest multi-beam systems combined with RTK-GPS to model the entire area around dams, levees and embankments. These detailed models can clearly delineate areas of scour, sediment and debris build-up, and slope conditions. The data collected is used to build a 3-dimensional model that can be used for visual inspections, as well as scour calculations.

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acoustic imaging, sector scan, 360 degree acoustic imaging, underwater imaging, dam inspections, underwater inspections, FERC Part 12 Inspections

Acoustic Imaging

When underwater visibility is limited, or water flows are too high to safely use divers, underwater acoustic imaging, a.k.a. sector scans, can be a helpful tool. This technology uses acoustics to create an image of pier noses, bulkheads, gate structures, and more to help detect structural problems and scour issues. Typically, these images can be combined with above water digital photography or CAD drawings to create a pictorial reference of the entire structure.

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ROV inspections, dam inspections, underwater inspections, dive inspections, FERC Part 12 inspections

ROV Surveys & Inspections

Brennan has 4 remotely operated vessels that can be used to gather information when underwater conditions are unknown or difficult to access. They are outfitted with HD video cameras and sonar systems to navigate and collect valuable information.

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hydrographic survey, side scan sonar, acoustic imaging, survey, bathymetric survey, dam inspections

Side Scan Sonar

Side scan sonar is another great imaging system that can give a detailed view on underlying debris, sediment buildups, and whatever else may be happening underneath the surface of the water. Gathering information is quick and economic, and often coupled with other imaging services to get a full understanding of the area surrounding your dam.  

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Download our Dam Construction Brochure

J.F. Brennan Company specializes in dam construction and repairs services both above and below the waterline. Download our brochure here to learn more about our dam construction services!


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Interested in a diving career?

We are growing!  Brennan is always looking for hard-working divers with or without past experience.  If you have what it takes to jump in the water, check out our careers page for openings!

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