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Submarine Cable Installation & Repair

For more than 100 years, we have provided quality above- and below-water construction services on all types of marine-based infrastructure. Our reputation as an innovative contractor who stresses the importance of safety and environmental awareness makes us a preferred partner for many private- and public-sector clients. We've taken our century of marine construction experience along with our core principles, and incorporated them into the bedrock of our Submarine Cable team.

Submarine Cable Services 

We provide a wide range of submarine cable installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance services. As a marine contractor who has both comprehensive surface and underwater capabilities, Brennan can create a specialized, turnkey solution that best fits each project.

  • Strategic Staging and Support Locations
  • Shore-End Civil and Site Work
  • Route Preparation
  • Pre-Lay Grapnel Runs
  • Submarine Cable Installation
  • Post-Lay Cable Protection
  • Submarine Cable Inspection
  • Cable Repair and Maintenance
  • Submarine Cable Removal
  • Environmental Preservation
  • Permit Support

Our Core Values & Certifications 

Why Brennan? Safety, quality, and environmental management are long-standing principles within our company. Being ISO certified in all three values proves that Brennan objectively maintains the highest international standards. Furthermore, our clients rate us highly on trust and collaboration. We believe that success is based not only on the outcome of a project but on the journey through which the outcome is achieved.

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Our Submarine Cable Leadership Team

Brennan’s submarine cable team is your partner in the industry. We accomplish shared goals by working closely with our clients, their engineers, and our suppliers and subcontractors, as well as regulators and oversight. Trust and collaboration are core values that govern our approach to project partnerships.

Brennan may seem like a new name in the submarine cable industry, but we have a leadership team with more than 100 years of combined submarine cabling experience.

Cliff 3


Cliff joined Brennan through our acquisition of Harbor Offshore, Inc. He has 4 decades of marine construction and engineering experience. He has managed submarine power cable projects throughout the world and has become one of the nation’s most sought-after submarine cabling experts.

Nick Tanionos 2-1

Nick Tanionos

Nick is the founder and former principal of Specialty Diving Services, Inc. (SDS), a highly respected marine construction company based out of North Kingstown, RI. He joined the Brennan team in 2020 through the acquisition of his firm and continues to lead as the Director of Brennan’s Eastern Area Operations. Nick’s decades in marine construction include several support projects for the Block Island wind farm.

Lester 1


Lester has 4 decades of domestic and international submarine cable installation expertise. This includes survey, cable loading, cable transfer, main lay, pre-laid shore-end operations, post lay operations, and inspection. He also joins us from Harbor Offshore, Inc. as an industry leader in operations management and client representation on submarine cable installation.

Cates Chuck


Chuck’s project management experience stretches over 35 years in the marine construction industry. He specializes in fiber optic and power cable installation, horizontal drilling, surveying, and pre-lay clearing operations.



Submarine Cable Installation & Repair Photo Gallery

Our submarine cable installation professionals are proficient in all phases of submarine cable-laying operations. Our project engineering, planning, and execution methods are based on extensive experience, best management practices, and proven techniques. In addition, Brennan invests heavily in modern, state-of-the-art technology and equipment that surpass industry standards for safety, quality, and efficiency.

Submarine Cable Brochure Cover

Download Our Submarine Cabling Brochure

Our submarine cable installation professionals are proficient in all phases of submarine cable installation and repair. We invest heavily in modern, state-of-the-art technology and equipment that surpass industry standards for safety, quality, and efficiency. Download our Submarine Cable Services Brochure for details on our team.

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Through an acquisition in April of 2022, Harbor Offshore, Inc. (HOI) became a part of J.F. Brennan Company, bringing its services and team members to the Brennan family. More details are available in the news release: Brennan Announces Significant Expansion with New West Coast Acquisition.