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Barge Cleaning

Brennan Marine will implement an affordable, environmentally focused barge cleaning program that will comply with all local, state, and federal requirements. Our crews will effectively clean residue cargo of all types from both covered and uncovered hopper barges. The majority of this material is recovered or recycled as to limit waste quantities.

To prepare the barge for another load, our crews have the equipment necessary to thoroughly clean the cargo hold. This includes the containment of all water used in the cleaning process, without discharging it overboard. As this water is considered impacted and unsuitable for discharge overboard, Brennan will remove the water and manage its disposal. We have the ability to contain and transport to a nearby treatment plant, or set up a portable and affordable processing plant near the cleaning operation.

When it comes to barge cleaning, new regulations are creating requirements that can be challenging to meet. Let us take the worry off your shoulders by implementing a harbor specific plan that will record and report the details of our cleaning procedures. We will ensure that your operation is within 100% compliance and that your terminal operation remains efficient and clean.  As part of our complete harbor services package, barge cleaning is optimized through our efficient management of switching and fleeting services.  

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Brennan Marine, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality, efficient inland waterway and barge transportation services. For more information on our barge cleaning services, download our brochure.

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