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Mobile Water Treatment Trailers & Solutions

In 2023, we acquired the dredging and dewatering division of Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc (IAI). Founded in 2000, IAI served dredging, dewatering, and water treatment clients, including Brennan. 

Now, IAI's team of skilled operators and water treatment experts have joined Brennan. They have brought with them their expertise, equipment, and system designs. Together, we are supplying clients throughout the United States with high-quality dredging, environmental remediation, dewatering, and water treatment services under the Brennan name.

Mobile Water Treatment System

Our mobile water treatment system is a complete water treatment plant, enclosed in two 52-foot trailers, and features quick disconnect hoses for fast setup. The system offers 150 to 200 gallons per minute capacity. Additional treatment units may be added to increase system capacity.

Mobile water treatment trailers are well-suited for small-volume environmental dredging or groundwater remediation projects and can be quickly installed on various sites. Our system has a small footprint and is self-contained. There are very few associated design or capital costs.

Mobile Water Treatment Process

Mobile water treatment system includes an inclined plate separator, sand filters, bag filters, and granular activated carbon vessels, as well as pumps, hoses, and ancillary tanks. Our mobile water treatment system has been successfully used to treat contaminants such as: 

  • Total suspended solids
  • Metals
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Oil and grease

Additional treatment processes in units may be incorporated into the mobile water treatment system to address a specific contaminant or achieve a higher level of treatment. Treatment processes that have been added successfully to the mobile water treatment system include:

  • Oil-water separators
  • Organoclay filter
  • Additional bag filters

Certified Water Treatment Operators

We provide water treatment operators to run the mobile water treatment system, under the direction of a lead operator, who possesses certifications as required. We provide compliance monitoring, sampling, and analysis, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit application, and discharge reporting services. 

Need more details on environmental water treatment?

We provide water treatment for hazardous wastewater and environmental dredging projects across the country. Details are on our website here.


Through an acquisition in February of 2023, the dredging and dewatering division of Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc. (IAI) became a part of J.F. Brennan Company, bringing its services and team members to the Brennan family. More details are available in the news release: Brennan Acquires Dredging & Dewatering Division of IAI With Recent Purchase of Assets.