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    Both J.F. Brennan Company and Brennan Marine are growing companies which creates vertical and lateral growth opportunities for our team members, along with personal development in current positions. Brennan believes that a company is only as good as its people, and to continuously improve as a company we have to continuously improve as individuals. As such we promote further education, training, and certifications to become better on both the personal and corporate levels.


    Brennan believes in hiring the right person for the job and fosters their growth and empowerment. Key employees are empowered decision makers and relied upon heavily to deliver high quality, safe work. We operate as a team and while every individual is empowered, they are also supported. Every manager and executive operates with an open door policy to support fellow team members.

    Challenging Work

    Brennan is continually involved with challenging work. Because Brennan is an innovator in every aspect of the work we do, employees are exposed and involved with many “first time this has been done” projects. We are constantly developing new methods and tools to deliver higher value projects to our clients, while providing safer working conditions to our employees.


    Brennan’s principles of hard work and determination are enhanced by the organization's commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology to serve our clients and customers efficiently. We not only use the latest equipment to make projects successful, we work closely with our vendors to develop new technologies. We hold several patents that have redefined the industries in which we work.

    Meaningful Work

    Brennan employees not only take pride in our stewardship of America’s inland waterways, but also in the specialized expertise they apply on unique maritime projects. We take our environmental impact very seriously, and take extra steps to ensure our projects do not negatively impact sensitive riverine environments.

    Much of our work is geared towards the preservation and recovery of Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, as well as state Departments of Natural Resources under the Environmental Management Program (EMP). We have also been named in the “Top 20 Hazardous Waste Contractors” by Engineering News-Record (ENR) magazine for our environmental remediation work.

    J.F. Brennan Company also provides quality construction services to several hydro dam facilities throughout the Midwest. In a time when clean power has become increasingly important for future generations, we are proud to support the largest contributor to clean power in the United States.

    Last but not least, we also support the barge industry. This is the most economical and environmentally friendly method of bulk material transportation. Our commitment to a robust, efficient, water-based infrastructure and its operation promotes both growth in the agricultural markets of the upper Midwest and the competitiveness of the United States in international commodity markets.


    Brennan employees have the opportunity to work with marine industry experts and pioneers. Brennan continually employs second and third generations of employees and it is not uncommon to run across employees with 20, 30, and 40 years of service. We believe we have some of the most experienced marine professionals on the inland river system.


    Brennan prides itself on benchmarking pay and benefits on a national level and exceeding those benchmarks year after year.

    Check out Brennan benefits here.

    Privately Held

    Brennan is a medium-sized, family-owned company. As such, we focus on the long-term direction of the company, not quarterly stockholder concerns. We promote individual employee growth and keep an open-door policy for new ideas and concerns. At Brennan, each individual is empowered to have a voice and bring about change to improve the quality and safety of our work.