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    The Brennan Way

    Our culture at Brennan is what sets us apart from other companies. We not only focus on safety, quality, and efficiency, but we also do whatever we can as a company to make sure that we can be the best possible place to work for all of our employees. We consider our employees to be the key to our success, and as such, we work hard to build a culture in which every individual is an important part.   The following are the Core Values that make up what we term as the “Brennan Way”

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    We will work in a manner that places safety above all other facets of our work. We pre-plan all features of our work with respect to safety and we hold ourselves and those around us accountable for working safely.

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    High-quality work is delivered at all work sites. We analyze our work before starting, finding opportunities to deliver a better product to the client. We realize that the quality of our work is a direct reflection on our organization, and good quality will provide opportunities for future work.



    We conduct our work in a manner that is efficient in all aspects. Each day we analyze our work in order to find more efficient means to achieve a safe and high-quality work product. We are mindful that our competitive edge within the marketplace is based on efficient work operations.



    Innovation is a fundamental tenet within the organization. We look for innovation in every task that we perform, collectively understanding that some of the most innovative ideas start from routine or simple work operations. We are empowered to propose and implement innovative ideas.



    We are professionals in every aspect of our work; our appearance, our ethical conduct, our presence at client sites, speaking with clients, interacting with our team and collaborating with project partners and vendors. We represent ourselves, Brennan, local unions, and our families with the highest level of professionalism. We expect ourselves and our teammates to perform at the highest levels with respect to safety, quality, efficiency and ethical behavior.



    We take pride in the work we perform, the cleanliness of our work sites and in the people with whom we work.



    We are loyal to our employees, team, and coworkers. We seek to provide good jobs that are well paying and make a difference in an individual and their family’s lives.



    Our future success is based upon the continual development of new employees and our own hard and soft skill sets. We operate in an environment where we look to mentor and provide training. We are required to give open and honest feedback so that others can continue to develop by learning from their mistakes.



    We understand that successful organizations are founded on a good team. We are a flat organization, where no one individual, regardless of position, is above the team. Each person within the organization serves a vital function and is a key component to our collective success.



    We respect one another and operate in an environment where every crew member has the power to stop work. Third party talk is not tolerated. Those that cannot respect teammates, clients, vendors or the company are asked to leave.



    Individuals come to Brennan because of their skill sets. People stay here because they are leaders. We realize leadership does not always have to be a defined position; rather, leadership is the ability to simply influence another person, coworker or client.


    No Blame

    When problems occur, it is incumbent upon the individual or team to fully explain the issues at hand, so that we can collectively, without blame, correct our problem. We do not lay blame, only seek to correct. Within the organization, we encourage an environment where others can speak regarding issues at hand.



    This company is built on dedicated individuals who live by a “can do” attitude and the idea that “good enough” does not cut it. We are dedicated to our craft, our work, our teammates, one another, and the company.


    Financial Management

    We understand that sound financial principles at the job, division, and corporate level are the foundation to a sustainable corporation. We are empowered to spend company money and treat that empowerment as if we were spending our own money. We review costs in light of budgeted amounts and understand that corporate delivery of profitable work yields financial rewards for all team members.



    Work requires us to spend a large portion of our time away from home. We recognize the importance of family and that an individual’s work must provide a better opportunity for his or her family.



    Beyond a safe place to work, we must be a fun place to work. We look to recognize others for their work and collectively celebrate our success. We show regular appreciation. 


    Focus on Clients

    We must anticipate our client’s needs. Every individual within Brennan, from top to bottom, represents the company outwardly to our clients. We perform work at our client’s facilities, so every aspect of work is under scrutiny. We work in an engaging manner, where we ask for our clients’ concerns, listen to their responses and propose solutions that reduce cost while delivering high-quality work.

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