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    The Brennan Way

    Our culture at Brennan is what sets us apart from other companies. We not only focus on safety, quality, and efficiency, but we do whatever we can to make our company the best possible place to work at for all our employees.

    We consider our employees to be the key to our success. As such, we work hard to build a culture in which every individual is important. The following are the core values that make up what we term the “Brennan Way.”

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    Our commitment to safety is the highest priority of our work. It is the critical responsibility of each and every Brennan team member, regardless of position. We pre-plan all features of work, holding ourselves and those around us accountable to stop work whenever the wellbeing of any individual is compromised.

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    The quality of our work reflects directly on our organization. Quality shows in our finished products and in our professional work practices. A deliberate and consistent focus on high quality leads to customer satisfaction as well as additional opportunities.

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    We conduct our work in a manner that is efficient in all aspects. Each day we analyze our work in order to find more efficient means to achieve a safe and high-quality work product. We are mindful that our competitive edge within the marketplace is based on efficient work operations.

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    Innovation is a fundamental tenet within the organization. We look for innovation in every task that we perform, collectively understanding that some of the most innovative ideas start from routine or simple work operations. We are empowered to propose and implement innovative ideas.

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    We represent ourselves, our company, our local unions, our clients, and our families with the highest level of professionalism. We take pride in all aspects of our crafts, the people with whom we work, our appearance, the cleanliness of our worksites, and our ethical behavior



    Our future success relies on the continuous development of employee skills. We operate in an environment where we serve as mentors, provide training, and strive to improve every day. We give open and honest feedback so we can further develop ourselves by learning from experience.



    We understand that successful organizations are founded on good teamwork. Every team member serves a vital role in our shared success.



    We respect each other, our clients, and our competitors with a humble disposition. We create a work environment that encourages new ideas and fosters respectful resolution of disagreements. Those who cannot respect others are asked to leave.

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    People come to Brennan because of their skillsets and stay because of their leadership. We realize leaders are not always defined by position; rather, leadership is demonstrated through the ability to positively influence a  coworker or client in a manner that upholds the Brennan culture.

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    When problems occur, it is incumbent upon the individual or team to take full ownership and explain the issue at hand so that we can cooperatively, without blame, correct the problem. We actively promote an environment where each of us can openly present our concerns and take responsibility for our actions.



    We understand that loyalty to our teammates as well as dedication to our work are vital to our success. Our individual commitment to work as a cohesive unit creates unique opportunities and makes a rewarding difference in our families’ lives.

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    Financial Management

    Brennan’s success depends on sound financial management. We accept our duty to understand the impact that our expenditures have on the bottom line. We use corporate resources judiciously for the furtherance of executing our work.

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    Our unique work requires us to spend a large portion of our time away from our families, and we value the significance of a work-life balance. Therefore, Brennan careers must provide better
    opportunities for our team members and their families.

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    We strive to make all aspects of work enjoyable and to show regular appreciation of our successes. Good morale makes Brennan a great place to work.

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    Focus on Clients

    We provide specialized services to a limited customer base and for this reason, each of our clients is of the utmost importance. Every person in the company is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work. We listen, communicate effectively, and deliver on our promises.

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    We believe open and honest communication builds trust, the foundation of relationships. Success is ultimately determined by our interactions with coworkers, customers, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders.

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    Ethical Behavior

    We adhere to the highest ethical standards in every facet of our work. We always comply with the law, stand by our commitments, communicate transparently, and empower every individual, regardless of position, to report unethical behaviors in the workplace.

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    Environmental Stewardship

    We recognize that our work can significantly impact the environment. We adhere to all environmental laws, keep our job sites clean, and leave our work areas in better condition than we found them.

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