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Dam Construction Mass Pours

Dam construction is no easy task and it requires a contractor that can carry out time sensitive concrete placement in areas of difficult access. At Brennan, we work closely with clients, engineers, subcontractors and vendors to carry out critical schedule construction projects. Whether it is a design-build, or design-bid-build, we will create a strong team atmosphere through transparency and a high level of coordination.

To carry out a mass concrete pour on a dam, a contractor must be creative and innovative. Working in difficult access areas and remote locations, crews must have a thorough understanding of the hazardous conditions that surround them. Transportation of the concrete must be done in a way that is safe, while complying with the time limits allowed under strict quality control requirements. Our crews specialize in this, and will effectively coordinate the operations with all those involved.  

Typically mass pours required substantial cofferdams to dewater the work area.  However, this is not always the case.  Using divers to help facilitate underwater concrete placementcan sometimes be the key to a cost effective repair!

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