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Bridge Protection Systems

Bridge protection systems are critical to the preservation of bridge structures and the avoidance of critical shutdowns.  Brennan can facilitate the construction and repair of several types of structures to protect bridges located in navigable waterways.  This includes timber cribbing, steel protection cells, and fender systems.  In all cases, Brennan can remove the damaged or degraded structure; and install a new one without impeding traffic over the bridge

Protection cells and dolphins are critical components to the structural integrity and safety of bridges that cross navigable waterways.  They are often robust sheet pile structures, reinforced with steel and concrete. Whether a full replacement is needed, or minor repairs, Brennan can assist to every extent.  Our staff of engineers and experts in the marine towing industry can help develop a bridge protection system that protects your structure and is conducive to the safe passage of marine traffic.

Bridge Protection Systems Photo Gallery


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