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Construction and Replacements

Our ability to provide turnkey, time critical infrastructure projects will ensure that your projects stays on schedule with minimal interruptions to the right of way. Brennan personnel are knowledgeable in all sizes of bridge replacements, whether they are steel, concrete or wooden. Throughout the project we create a collaborative environment with the owner and its representative engineer to ensure that work is carried out in the most efficient way.

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Piers and Abutments

Our experienced crew members have the tools and expertise to perform above and below-water repairs on concrete, masonry, timber, and steel piling piers and abutments. We specialize in accessing remote locations to provide cost effective, critical repairs using innovative methods.

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Scour and Erosion

Brennan can provide multiple options that will result in a robust, long lasting solution. Whether the problem exists along an embankment, or adjacent to a pier, we have a solution for you.

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Bridge Protection Systems

Bridges across navigable waterways are susceptible to damage from vessel traffic. A quality timber cribbing system, dolphins, pile clusters or protection cells adjacent to the pier can be crucial to protecting your bridge from irreversible damage and operational shut downs.

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Bridge Demolition

When tearing down a structure that spans a body of water, it is important to consider both the safety of the process as well as the possibility of any environmental impact. Brennan has both the equipment and experience necessary to mitigate these potential risks.

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Railroad Services Brochure

J.F. Brennan Company is a leading provider of railroad contruction and environmental response services to Class 1s, regional, and shortline railroads throughout the United States. Download our Railroad Services brochure for more information.


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Interested in a Career in Railroad Construction?

We are always looking for hard working individuals who can fit in a high-performance team, and who puts safety and quality at the forefront of his or her focus.  

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