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Treatability Testing Services

Dewatering and Water Treatment Solutions

Brennan doubled down on our dewatering capabilities when we acquired the Dredging & Dewatering division of Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc. (IAI) in 2023. We handle the whole operation, from proposal to disposal, from bench-scale testing to full-scale implementation. 

From Lab to Reality: Optimizing Dewatering and Water Treatment 

Faced with tight timelines, budgets, and demanding regulations, environmental remediation projects require efficient solutions. Here at Brennan, we understand that early collaboration is key. Our treatability testing services, utilizing our laboratory in Rockford, MI, provide crucial site-specific data to optimize your project design.

This data translates to real-world benefits. Our treatability studies provide the vital data you need to develop a project that meets regulatory requirements, avoids last-minute surprises, and delivers optimal results.

Comprehensive Lab Testing Translates to Optimal On-site Effectiveness

We perform in-house treatability studies to support the development of an effective project design:

  • Jar testing for optimal chemical flocculant, coagulant and polymer products and doses
  • Sediment amendment trials, simulating dredged material stabilization
  • Rapid dewatering tests (RDT) and geotextile tube dewatering tests (GTDT)
  • Paint filter and compressive strength analysis to determine if disposal or beneficial use criteria can be met
  • Mechanical dewatering and processing trials to evaluate belt filter press and plate and frame dewatering methods
  • Wastewater treatment process evaluation, including clarification, filtration, ion exchange and activated carbon adsorption
  • Turbidity and total suspended solids (TSS) analysis

Geotextile Tube Dewatering Test (GTDT)

We perform A specialized test called a geotextile tube dewatering test (GTDT). This test may also be referred to as a pillow test and replaces the hanging bag test.  A GTDT involves pouring sediment or other material to be dewatered into a small-scale geotextile tube. The flow rate, turbidity, and suspended solids content of the water passing through the geotextile tube fabric, weep water, or filtrate are evaluated.

Chemical Conditioning

Prior to the geotextile tube dewater test, our in-house chemist will perform a polymer screen and rapid dewatering test (RTD) to identify a chemical conditioning program for the material to be dewatered. Depending on the material's chemical composition and physical properties, these programs may be single or dual applications. The results of the polymer screen are provided to the client with our recommended LB per dry TON dose(s).

Water Treatment Bench Testing

Our team has lab-scale filters for evaluating the performance of various types of media. We can also perform flocculation and settling tests to evaluate chemical addition and clarification processes for removing solids and associated contaminants. 

Treatability Test Results, Reporting, and Recommendations

Treatability test results are summarized and provided to clients with a photo log. We can also provide recommendations for full-scale project design and implementation.

"Brennan’s crew demonstrated the ability to make rapid adjustments when conditions warranted and did an exceptional job of communicating throughout the project. I would not hesitate to use their services when presented with a future opportunity."

Jim Brown, Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District.

What are your dewatering options?

High-speed material separation and dredged material dewatering are imperative to any environmental dredging project. Dewatering details are on our website here.


Through an acquisition in February of 2023, the dredging and dewatering division of Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc. (IAI) became a part of J.F. Brennan Company, bringing its services and team members to the Brennan family. More details are available in the news release: Brennan Acquires Dredging & Dewatering Division of IAI With Recent Purchase of Assets.