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Gate and Actuator Installation

Gate replacement and repair is not only a challenging construction project, it is a science. Limited access, varying concrete conditions, hazardous surroundings, and degraded mechanical components are all variables when considering a gate installation. At Brennan, we specialize in removing, installing, and even restoring gates of all types, as well as the equipment that operates them.

From massive roller gates to small sluice gates, no project is too big or too small. Our approach to planning the work and working the plan will ensure a high quality replacement that will not put undue stress on the structure. We can achieve replacements from a floating marine plant or from land, safely and efficiently. If your structure doesn’t have bulkhead slots, our patented floating bulkhead may be just the ticket!

Brennan can also provide millwright and mechanical services to gate control equipment. This includes hoists, chains, trunnion pins and bushings, actuators, and more. Our ability to think creatively has led to several innovative solutions that have provided economic benefits to our clients. We have developed proprietary processes and tools that have increased the effectiveness and safety of our work on gates, actuating equipment, seals, seal heaters, deicing systems, and the surrounding structure.

We work on every kind of gate!

  • Bascule gates
  • Crest gates
  • Headgates
  • Inflatable
  • Lift gates
  • Roller gates
  • Sluice gates
  • Tainter gates
  • Miter gates
  • Wicket gates

Often times concrete repairs are required around the trunnion pins and gate bays.  We can carry out a complete repair of the entire gate structure to make sure you get a tight seal from your gates every time.

Gates and Actuators Photo Gallery

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