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Hydraulic Dredge_Victor Buhr

Hydraulic Dredging

Brennan is the industry leader in hydraulic removal of contaminated sediments.  Using the latest technologies we can dredge to precise elevations while maximizing production and minimizing total water volumes.  We will manage large amounts of debris, effectively remove residuals, and surpass cleanup expectations.

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Floodplain Backfill Placement Operations CLEAN UP

Mechanical Dredging

We’ve been mechanically dredging for over 70 years and have the right equipment and expertise to remove contaminated sediments.  Using the latest positioning technologies and our custom-designed environmental digging buckets we are able to outperform traditional environmental buckets in both hard bottom and debris laden conditions.

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Ninigret Marsh Restoration Rhode Island Amphibious Excavation Equipment drone shot

Amphibious Dredging

Remediation of wetlands and marshlands is no longer a challenge.  Avoid the unnecessary high costs of installing temporary roads or purchasing large quantities of mats.  Brennan is the only contractor in the industry that can offer highly-customized amphibious equipment that can effectively remove contaminated sediment from wetlands and marshlands efficiently and safely.  

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Diver Assisted Micro-Dredging

Working around critical structures, ordnances, or relics?  Sometimes large machines aren’t applicable and a greater level of finesse is required. Our divers have the right equipment, training, and ability to remove debris and contaminated sediments in areas where attention to detail is critical.

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Material Transport

Be familiar with all of the options on an environmental dredging project.  Each project has unique challenges and Brennan will design and implement a transport system that will save money.  From long line hydraulic, to barge transport, or even a hybrid plan, there are several options to consider that can limit client risk and maximize efficiency.

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Separation and Dewatering

There is literally a science to handling contaminated sediment once it is removed from the river or lake. From material separation to high speed dewatering.  Brennan will eliminate cost escalation by putting the right system and right team in place before the project begins. 

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Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Survey

Brennan has a staff of licensed surveyors and hydrographers that use the latest technologies to survey and model river bottoms throughout the project.  This includes multi-beam systems that can take accurate measurements of dredge progress as well as other imaging systems that can locate and detail critical structures, utilities, and unknown anomalies.  

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