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4 Attributes of a "Great Place to Work"

Posted by Angela Wierzbicki on February 06, 2018

Obtaining recognition as a “great place to work” is not something that comes easily for most organizations. Certification as a Great Place to Work requires that a company be evaluated on many different levels. We have worked hard to establish a workplace that inspires the passion of its employees and allows them to use their talents to be motivated by what they do and with whom they work. At Brennan, we have established several foundational attributes which make a great work place. Here are a few examples of what we think is needed to make Brennan a Great Place to Work”:


  1. Sustaining our culture through “The Brennan Way”

We consider our employees to be the key to our success, and as such, we work hard to build a culture in which employees conduct work in an efficient, safe, and respectable manner. At Brennan, we seek out job candidates who exude the culture of the company. When employees join our team, the values of our culture are visibly woven throughout orientation and our employee handbook. Employees are taught The Brennan Way”; a series of culture tenants outlining the values that make up the foundation on which the company culture is built. These tenants are not only written guidelines for employees to follow, but can be visibly seen and demonstrated by individuals on a daily basis.

  1. Establishing Unique Programs and Benefits

_EO4A3853.jpgAt Brennan, we care about our workers, not just as employees, but as people outside of the workplace. To that end, the company works hard to put into place policies and programs that establish Brennan as a company in which employees feel valued. A couple of the policies and programs that stand out include fitness reimbursements, 1 on 1 retirement savings plan meetings, and tuition reimbursements. We also offer great internship programs to give students hands on experience in the professional workplace.

  1. Taking the time to have a little fun

In our opinion, to be a great place to work, we must also be a fun place to work. To collectively celebrate our success, we give our employees the chance to connect and build meaningful relationships outside of the work week, while still spending time with their families. Brennan hosts family movie nights at the baseball field, an annual ski day, and much more!

  1. Our People

_EO4A3944.jpgOne of the main reasons why many choose Brennan is the people. Brennan truly could not function as a company without the men and women that make the company what it is today. As summed up in the words of the Chief Operating Officer, Matt Binsfeld:

“At its foundation, any company is a group of people who endeavor to accomplish collective goals. Without exception, this is an organization where people care about one another as much as they care about the work that they do, which is why we are different from those with whom we compete. Our organization extends beyond just those who work in the field or office, to also include those at home who support us in the work we do. The toughest aspect of our work is the travel. Each week many of us leave home, depending on our spouses to ensure that bills are paid, kids get to school or ball games. Being a Great Place to Work is as much about how those at home feel about the company as those who wear a Brennan hard hat each day.”


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