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    Our company is built on a solid foundation of principles that help us to succeed in our work every day, whether out in the field or in the office.  Here are some of the things that you can expect when you join our team!

    growth opportunities, rewarding careers


    Both J.F. Brennan Company and Brennan Marine are growing companies, which creates vertical and lateral growth opportunities for our team members.  We believe strongly that a company is only as good as its people, and to continuously improve as a company, we have to continuously improve as individuals.  As such, we promote further education, training, and certifications to become better on both the personal and corporate levels.

    rewarding careers, growth opportunities


    All Brennan Employees are empowered decision makers and are relied upon heavily to deliver high quality, safe work.  We operate as a team and while every individual is empowered, he or she is also supported.  This fosters a collaborative environment in which innovative thinking is encouraged and difficult challenges are overcome at every level.

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    Challenging Work

    Brennan is continually involved with challenging work often situated in hazardous environments.  We frequently seek new methods and tools to deliver value to our clients, while providing safer working conditions to our employees.  Our work is not easy, and requires a commitment to learn and understand methods that can’t be found in a textbook.

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    Most companies brag about being on the “cutting edge” of technology.  At Brennan we reside on the “bleeding edge”.   A lot of what we do is so customized, that we will actually create new tools and processes to accomplish our goals.   This includes working closely with our vendors to develop new or modify existing technologies.  We hold several patents that have had a profound impact on our respective industries, most of which were incubated at the project level.

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    Meaningful Work

    The work we do may not hit mainstream media, but it sure is worth bragging about.  Things like cleaning hazardous waste out of the nation’s most contaminated waterways, and then restoring wildlife habitat is one of our specialties.  Or how about working on some of the nation’s oldest and most reliable sources of green energy, hydroelectric dams.  Did you know that we transport enough cement every year to build nearly three Hoover Dams?  The list is exhaustive, but your stories won’t be! 

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    The key to our success is our people! We take pride in the fact that we have second and third-generation employees as this is an indicator that Brennan is a great place to spend a career. From personal development, to teamwork and collaboration, we strive to promote individual growth and advancement.

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    Our work is difficult and often requires extensive travel, which means that being a part of our team is a commitment both on the part of the employee, but also by his or her family. We are a family-focused company, and are determined to provide a rewarding career that offers above average compensation.

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    Family Owned

    Brennan is a family-owned company. As such, we focus on the long-term direction of the company, not quarterly stockholder concerns. We are financially conservative which means we can weather market downturns or take advantage of surges. We listen to our employees, regardless of rank, and provide well maintained equipment so we can complete our work the right way, every time.

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