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    The Brennan C.O.M.P.A.S.S Program

    Our COMPASS program serves as a direct reflection of our company’s ideals and what we look to provide for our interns.



    Our culture at Brennan is what sets us apart from other companies in our industries. We strive to provide the best possible working environment for all employees, with an emphasis on safety and teamwork. Our interns are challenged to embrace this culture in the workplace through observation and participation.



    As an intern at Brennan, you will have opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. This includes direct experience in your chosen field. From project-specific assignments, to site visits and participation. Our interns will learn to roll up their sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with experienced professionals as they take on the challenges we face in our everyday work.



    At Brennan, we want to motivate individuals who seek personal and professional growth on a daily basis. Interns will face tough challenges, but will have the resources and direction needed to find success. Our yearly Intern Day is designed to motivate individuals by giving them access to top management, past interns, and other guests to ask questions and provide feedback.



    A chief ideal of our organization is the pride that we take in the quality work that we do. We teach our interns to carry on this idea by demonstrating a strong work ethic, interest in the details, and teamwork. We challenge them to emulate the ideals of our culture every day and regularly encourage them to recognize what makes them proud to work at Brennan.



    It is important that interns feel a strong sense of accomplishment. By achieving our goals, we are motivated to grow and develop further so that one day we will be the experts in our respective fields. At Brennan, interns receive regular feedback on their performance and learn to recognize their own accomplishments as well as those of others.



    As an intern at Brennan, you will grow and enhance your skills through experiences that you will not find in the classroom. This includes experience in working in multi-faceted teams on a difficult task that has a critical deadline, interaction with clients, or even developing a new tool to safely complete a task.



    Our internship program encourages students to succeed. They learn how to build on their own personal accomplishments and skills so that they can succeed in the job market. At the end of their internship, individuals create a presentation highlighting projects and accomplishments. This tangible measure of success that allows our interns to build their resume as they prepare to begin their careers.