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J.F. Brennan Company Video Resources

We are constantly creating new videos to highlight the work we are doing. Check back again soon to see more latest and greatest projects.


Explaining the important work our team and partners accomplish can be challenging. We find that videos help us share our experience, whether showing a technical side of our work or showing an exciting new innovation. 

Advantages of Amphibious Equipment | The Perfect Tool for Wetland Work 

Safely accessing environmental remediation, restoration, or construction projects located within wetlands is a challenge. Typically, contractors will create temporary roads to reach work areas. However, temporary roads are expensive and can negatively impact sensitive wetland environments and wildlife.

At Brennan, we have another option: customized amphibious equipment. When used during our projects, we can save our clients time and money, while greatly reducing negative impacts on the environment.

For more information on our company, visit us at https://www.jfbrennan.com/

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Girls in Construction Day - Exploring the Trades

On July 14, 2022, J.F. Brennan Company hosted an event in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse, the Women's Fund of Greater La Crosse, Mathy Construction, and Wieser Brothers General Contractor called Girls in Construction. The event offered young women an opportunity to experience working at Brennan and to ask questions about working in the trades.

“As a woman in construction for more than 18 years, I am excited to show young girls in our community what our industry has to offer. By showing our use of innovation and technology, we hope to break through the stereotypes of construction for not only this group of girls but their friends and families in the area,” says Brennan CFO Tina Klinger, who greeted event attendees as they arrived at Brennan headquarters.

Participants toured a Brennan Marine tugboat, the Brennan shipping yard, shop, and corporate offices while participating in various demonstrations like piloting an underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV) and operating virtual design in construction (VDC) software. Transportation for the day is provided by the Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse.

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Brandon Road Lock and Dam | Bulkhead Recess Project 

J.F. Brennan Company worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Rock Island District on a project at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam near Joliet, IL. Our senior project manager at Brandon Road explains the project, Brennan's involvement, and why this work is important to the riverway.

To contact Brennan, connect with us at https://www.jfbrennan.com/contact-us.

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Why Stabilizing Dredged Material Is Important for Disposal of Beneficial Use


Brennan’s priority is to determine the safest, most efficient way to process and stabilize dredged material to surpass environmental requirements for either disposal or beneficial use. We'll tell you why properly stabilizing dredged material is important, how our team does it, and the benefits of our proprietary equipment.

For more information on Brennan’s specialty equipment or environmental services, please connect at https://www.jfbrennan.com/contact-us.

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How does Brennan determine the best dewatering method for dredging projects?
This video explains the data our team collects, the methods we deploy to meet your project's goals, and why. Connect with Brennan directly with specific questions, or ask us for additional resources at https://www.jfbrennan.com/contact-us.
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Brennan Work on Dresden Lock and Dam Featured on Built to Last TV

Built to Last TV featured the intricate work performed at Dresden Lock and Dam in a recent television episode on ABC 7 Chicago. Brennan and other stakeholders share highlights from the repair project and take a deeper look at the underwater construction and commercial diving services provided by our team.
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We've used geotextile tubes for decades and with great results. Along with our partners at Infrastructue Alternatives, Inc., we find great advantages to using them in the field. We'd be happy to connect with you for more information: https://www.jfbrennan.com/contact-us
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J.F. Brennan Company, Inc. & Hitachi ZX470LC-6 

We're fortunate to be featured in a Hitachi marketing video. View the full video above!

"When you think "excavator," images of digging dirt and rock on land may come to mind. However, that’s not the case for J.F. Brennan Company, Inc., a 100-year-old marine construction contractor out of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Brennan is serviced by Nortrax, New York."

- Courtesy of Hitachi Construction Machinery - Americas

The Waterplace Park River Restoration and Dredging Project | Providence, RI

In 2019, good fortune shone on Brennan's Environmental group as we procured a winter river restoration project in Rhode Island. The general scope for this project remained along the lines of past work, where we restore river depths to facilitate and improve water quality, fish migration, but this one came with a twist; its footprint was tightly nestled within the low bridges and bustling infrastructure of Waterplace Park in downtown Providence, RI.

2019 Lake Zumbro Restoration Project | Oronoco, MN

Two-thirds of the way through in October 2019, we visited the Lake Zumbro Restoration Project in Oronoco, Minnesota. This video examines the project goals, the team involved and takes a close look at the 80-acre confined disposal facility. Thank you to the lake community, our clients, and all stakeholders on this project.


J.F. Brennan Company turns 100 in 2019. We are proud to join the ranks of centurion companies who survived and succeeded during times of monumental change. We grew from our humble beginnings on the northeast Iowa frontier to become a change leader, using innovation and technology to work more safely and efficiently. From what began as a partnership between brothers, has turned into a nationally recognized marine solutions company celebrating its 100th year in business.

Harbor Services Overview

Want to know how a world-class harbor management company operates? Check out our video showcasing Brennan Marine and the work they perform.

Environmental Services Overview

An detailed overview of J.F. Brennan Company's environmental dredging and capping services.


In 2018, Brennan was certified as a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row. We are proud to be one of only 15 construction firms nationwide with the Great Place to Work designation.

2017 Brennan Epic Adventure

Every year we try and capture some of the cool stuff that we do on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy a short trip down memory with some of the projects we completed in 2017.


We specialize in environmental remediation and restoration of inland waterways. You can view project highlights and service overviews here. Connect with our team for more information. 

Environmental Services Overview

An detailed overview of J.F. Brennan Company's environmental dredging and capping services.

Environmental Restoration at Brennan

At Brennan, we take pride in the work we do to help restore and reclaim the environment. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

2018 Fountain Lake Restoration

This is a short overview of the first part of the Fountain Lake project. Located in Albert Lea, MN, Fountain Lake is home to both wildlife enthusiasts and recreationalists. We look forward to returning in 2019 to finish the project!

2018 Fox River Remediation Project Update

2018 marked our 10th year dredging on the Fox River. Here is a quick video on our progress so far.

Winnapaug Pond Dredging and Beach Renourishment

In January 2018 we dredged 6,000 Cubic Yards out of the Winnapaug Pond in Westerly, Rhode Island. Despite cold temperatures, the project finished in less than 6 days.


No roads, No Problem! Our amphibious excavators and dump trucks are the perfect tools for wetland work!

Caterpillar OEM Video Featuring Brennan

J.F. Brennan Company was highlighted for the OEM equipment that we use in our marine construction and environmental remediation work.

Waukegan Diver-Assisted Dredging 

In 2016 our divers hydraulically dredged over 1,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments from the Waukegan Harbor North Ditch. All material was hydraulically pumped into geotextile tubes where the sediment was dewatered and loaded out for disposal.

Ninigret Salt Marsh Habitat Restoration

In 2016 Brennan worked to restore the Ninigret Salt Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Rhode Island from damaged caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

2015 Krispin Drain Habitat Restoration

In 2015 we teamed up with our GLSR partners to remove sediment and invasive phragmites from a 5-mile long stretch of wetlands in Harsens Island, Michigan.

BCS GAC Demonstration

Brennan has revolutionized sediment capping possibilities with its newly patented Broadcast Capping System (BCS™). This system uses the principles of hydraulic transport to deliver clean sand and granulated activated carbon to a distribution barge where it is rapidly dewatered and unobtrusively spread over the bottom of the waterway. Brennan’s sediment capping system can accurately place materials up to 3 inches in diameter, while achieving a homogenous thickness with even distribution.

Hydraulic Dredge Video

This is a brief description of hydraulic dredging and geotextile tube dewatering.

Marine Construction

See how we serve owners of water-based infrastructure throughout the United States. From underwater welding to sky-high railroad bridges, we are here to help serve our partners and clients.

Bridge Replacement on Milwaukee Street 

Replacement of the Milwaukee Street Bridge in Madison, WI.

Underwatering Welding on a Cold Day

So what do you do during the coldest week of the year? Practice your underwater welding skills of course!

Arcola High Rail Bridge Replacement

In 2016 our crews assisted Canadian National crews in the replacement of the rail across the Arcola High Rail bridge. Check out the view in this video!

Stanberry Bridge Replacement

In 2016 we replaced an old timber bridge with a brand new structure. Learn more about the project here.


We work on every part of the dam. From large Federal navigation structures to hydroelectric facilities, see how we can bring innovative solutions to unique projects.

2017 Lock 16 Bulkhead Slot Installation

Our crews at Locks and Dams 15 and 16 did a great job keeping 2 projects with critical schedules on track despite some challenging winter conditions. Here is a video of the Lock 16 Bulkhead Slot Installation project that took place near Muscatine, IA.

Harbor Management

Our data-driven Harbor Management process leave little to the imagination. From switching and fleeting to dry dock vessel repairs, Brennan Marine is a resource to the inland waterways of the United States. 

Harbor Management Services at Brennan

Want to know how a world-class harbor management company operates? Check out our video showcasing Brennan's harbor services - including 24/7 dispatch, cleaning, transport, and management.

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