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    Brennan iBOSS Capping: The Solution for Capping With Powder Activated Carbon (PAC)

    We pride ourselves on being a leader in developing innovative technologies that clean up our environment and waterways. One of the latest advancements in the environmental industry is the use of powder activated carbon for capping contaminated sediment.

    Why is there a demand for powder activated carbon caps?

    Compared to granular activated carbon (GAC), powder activated carbon (PAC) has a faster absorption rate, resulting in a thinner, more efficient cap for contaminated sediments. However, the physical nature of PAC makes it difficult to place without losing carbon particles to the water column.

    Brennan stepped up to the challenge. We designed and tested a new composition and capping solution that efficiently delivers fine particle amendments, such as PAC, through the water column cost-effectively. It is the most productive powder activated carbon capping system available.

    Powder Activated Carbon PAC iBOSS BCS capping system (2)

    What is the solution for capping with powder activated carbon? 

    Brennan's Proprietary Delivery Agent (BPDA) is the key to capping powder activated carbon. BPDA is an environmentally safe substance that efficiently adheres to PAC, aiding its placement atop contaminated sediment while losing minimal PAC to the water column.

    To distribute caps containing PAC and BPDA, we deploy our patented environmental capping equipment, called the broadcast capping system (BCS®). This entire capping solution is collectively called the integrated Brennan On-Site System (iBOSS™).

    Powder Activated Carbon PAC iBOSS BCS capping system (15)

    Does science support the iBOSS as a powder activated carbon capping solution?

    We conducted a full-scale field trial to confirm the effectiveness of our proprietary delivery agent and iBOSS solution. Brennan contracted a third-party environmental engineer to perform external laboratory studies to guarantee that our delivery agent does not impede PAC uptake or availability.

    The trial involved capping one acre of a river with a 6 IN sand cap and delivering a specific dosage of PAC along with our delivery agent through a 15 FT water column to the bottom of a river. The studies evaluated the effectiveness of delivering PAC and how the delivery agent influenced PAC performance in reducing sediment porewater contaminant concentrations. Third-party testing concluded that more than 90% of PAC was delivered, and the absorptive capacity of the PAC was not impeded using our process.

    Is our powder activated carbon delivery agent safe for the environment?

    Yes, Brennan's PAC delivery agent is safe for the environment. Extensive tests were performed on our BPDA delivery agent to examine how it may affect the environment. A certified independent lab conducted environmental tests based on programs and protocols developed by ASTM International (2020) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Summary: Brennan's proprietary delivery agent is safe for the environment and approved by the EPA.

    Powder Activated Carbon PAC iBOSS BCS capping system (10)


    Why is Brennan's solution the best for powder activated carbon capping?

    Brennan's approach to environmental capping using PAC is revolutionizing the industry. With faster absorption rates, less cost, and an environmentally friendly delivery system, our technology is helping to clean up our waterways and protect our environment for future generations. We developed our patent-pending iBOSS solution to continue our mission of creating a better, cleaner world for all.

    Contact a Brennan expert to learn more about capping services and how we can help with your environmental remediation needs.

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