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    Side Scan Sonar Imaging

    Side scan sonar imaging is a very useful tool when you need detailed images of the river or lake bottom. Facilitated by our hydrographers, Brennan can deliver a wide range of options when it comes to in depth underwater inspections.  Scour and erosion damage around marine based infrastructure is visible in this type of survey. 

    This tool uses acoustic imaging to capture bottom details when there is little-to-no visibility.  Images can be georeferenced and even draped over the contours of a 3D bathymetric model.  Often times it is used in conjunction with a high-quality bathymetric survey.  


    Railroad Construction Brochure

    We are a resource to the railways.  Count on Brennan to provide bridge construction and repair services, culvert installation, underwater surveys and more.  For more information please download our Railroad Construction Brochure.

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