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    No job is too big or too small for J.F. Brennan Company's ADCI certified dive teams to provide experienced commercial divers for your diving needs. Our teams are trained to the highest standard, utilizing the newest technologies in underwater services to accomplish difficult tasks in near zero-visibility.
    We specialize in inland waterway and wastewater diving services.

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    Dive Inspections

    Dive inspections are only as effective as the information they provide. Brennan divers know structures and will provide comprehensive, detailed reports that will give you all the information you need. Our divers are capable of inspecting several types of structure, please select one of the options below for more details.


    Railroad Bridges

    Other Marine-based Infrastructure
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    Underwater Construction

    Brennan divers are experienced, underwater construction specialists. Using state-of-the-art tools and equipment we will complete difficult challenges safely, on time, and within budget. As part of the Brennan organization, our divers are backed by a talented topside group and some of the largest marine construction assets in the country. From small repairs to large construction projects, Brennan divers can do it all!


    Railroad Bridges

    Other Marine-based Infrastructure
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    Industrial Diving

    Industrial Diving can present some of the harshest environments a diver will face. Elevated temperatures, zero visibility, contaminated water, and limited access are only a few of the conditions the dive team may face on a typical day. Our teams will work with plant managers to develop a safe and efficient dive plan that will minimize any necessary facility downtimes and maximize project safety.

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    Salvage and Ship Husbandry

    With our experienced divers and heavy-lift capabilities, Brennan is positioned and prepared to address your salvage and repair needs. Whether you need to transfer loads or clear a fouled wheel, we have the marine professionals to complete the project quickly and safely.


    We combine a wealth of industry experience and expertise in all facets of commercial diving and underwater construction to deliver exceptional workmanship to clients of all sizes.
    Our 60-person dive team is continually growing!

    Underwater Services Director

    Justin is a driven individual who brings with him decades of experience in commercial diving and underwater construction. As our director, Justin has expertise in all aspects of commercial diving. Additionally, Justin has a wealth of experience in developing work plans, scheduling, field measurement, subcontractor coordination, and supervision of multiple dive crews.

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    Dive Services Brochure

    For more information on our underwater inspection and construction services, download our brochure!


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    Careers diver career, commercial diving careers

    Interested in a diving career?

    We are growing!  Brennan is always looking for hard-working divers with or without past experience.  If you have what it takes to jump in the water, check out our careers page for openings! 

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