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Dam Construction

At Brennan, we specialize in dam construction and repairs on navigational, hydroelectric, diversion, storage, detention, and earthen structures of all sizes.  We work on every part of the dam, both above and below the waterline.  Brennan crews have the experience and equipment necessary to work in a variety of conditions, including confined spaces, elevated work stations, underwater construction, and more.  When most firms pursue dam work as a secondary focus, we have made it a primary focus with dedicated crews, specialized equipment, and a robust safety program.

dam construction, concrete placement, mass pours, preplaced aggregate concrete

Concrete Placement

Brennan can build new or replace existing structures, as well as complete a wide variety of concrete repairs. From mass pours to small surface repairs, our crews can place concrete both above and below the waterline. This includes traditional concrete placement methods, precast attachments, preplaced aggregate concrete, and more.

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Gates & Actuators

From large roller gates to small sluice gates, Brennan can replace or rehabilitate mechanical water control components of all sizes and designs using innovative and cost effective approaches.  This includes total replacement, repairs, and even complete in-place rebuilds.

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dam constructions, intakes and headworks, penstock repairs, penstock replacement, dam construction contractor

Intakes & Headworks

Brennan has rehabilitated several key areas on dam structures requiring precision manufacturing, alignment, and installation. This includes structural steel components such as penstocks, trash racks, and bulkheads, as well as the mechanical equipment that operates them.  We have certified welders and millwrights on staff who specialize in working on water control structures.

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underwater inspections, dam inspections, underwater repairs, FERC part 12 inspections, dive inspections, commercial divers, dam divers

Underwater Inspections & Survey

Our divers know dams and are experts in underwater construction. As such, they are ideal resources for FERC Part 12 inspections. Brennan divers will provide detailed reports with the information you need. In addition, we offer several other technologies such as underwater acoustic imaging and high-resolution multi-beam hydrographic surveys that leave little to the imagination.

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underwater construction, dive services, dive construction, dam repairs, underwater dam repairs

Underwater Construction

Brennan divers can place concrete, weld, cut, grout, dredge, and accomplish whatever else may be required to keep your structure in good condition. Using divers may result in substantial costs savings by providing alternatives to installing pricey cofferdams. From small repairs, to major construction projects, a well-planned underwater approach could be one of the best options.

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dam construction, cofferdam construction, cellular cofferdams, cellular cofferdam, dam repairs


Since the early 1930s Brennan has been installing cofferdams to carry out water-based construction and repair services. As a contractor that specializes in work around the water, we work with every type of cofferdam out there. Our expertise extends beyond the installation to creating a robust dewatering program to ensure a dry work area.

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Scour & Erosion

Scour and erosion can be the worst enemy of any water-based structures. At Brennan we offer several repair alternatives that can provide a long lasting solution to undermining, scour, and other embankment degradation. Whether the problem is above or below the waterline, we can deliver a turn-key solution to solve your problem.

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Download our Dam Construction Brochure

J.F. Brennan Company specializes in dam construction projects throughout United States. Download our brochure here to learn more about our above and below water construction and inspection services.

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Download our Dam Construction Brochure

J.F. Brennan Company specializes in dam construction and repairs services both above and below the waterline. Download our brochure here to learn more about our dam construction services!

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Do You Have What it Takes!?

At Brennan, we are always looking for individuals who have a passion for working around the water.  If you are looking for a rewarding career with daily challenges, then click here!

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