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    Craft & Trade Careers

    At Brennan you will be part of a dynamic team where your skills and dedication are vital to our success. Each and every day you will be faced with new challenges that will require innovative thinking and teamwork. We support individual ideas at every level, and if you are a person that is willing to travel, works hard, and takes pride in your work, then you will be a great fit here at Brennan. Above all, you must be an individual who will embrace our strict culture of safety.

    J.F. Brennan Company is proud to be a union company. We are always looking for talented Carpenters, Operators and Laborers to carryout out our environmental remediation and marine construction projects.

    • inset-craft-trade.jpgOperators (Equipment, Pilots, Crane)
    • Carpenters (Form, Welding, Divers)
    • Laborers

    Brennan Marine is a non-union company who specializes in harbor management and barge transportation. We are always looking for qualified crews and pilots to run our vessels and manage our fleets.

    • Deckhands
    • Steersmen
    • Pilots

    Brennan Benefits

    Great benefits are an important factor in building and maintaining a desirable life and career! We are committed to offering benefits that not only address our employees and their family’s health care needs but also assist them with building a financially secure future. Brennan offers wide-ranging benefits to all employees; either through our company sponsored plan or through collective bargaining agreements.


    Health & Pension

    Brennan contributes dollars to various fringe programs based on the union collective bargaining agreements. All union benefits are subject to local & national bargaining agreements.



    Educational assistance is available after the eligibility period. This benefit is offered to assist with tuition or professional licensing.



    Brennan’s On-Site training center offers a variety of safety and other certification classes throughout the year.



    Our Wellness program offers annual health screenings, education programs, flu vaccinations, fitness discounts and many promotions to encourage physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Brennan provides a free, confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as a resource to Brennan employees and their families to improve and maintain their physical and emotional well-being through professional counseling.