Environmental Clamshell Bucket Dredging

inset pic1 environ clamshell dredgingEnvironmental clamshell bucket dredging is a form of mechanical dredging that is also commonly used to remove contaminated sediments. This method can reduce the amount of water that will need treatment during the sediment processing steps of the project. It is also effective in removing large debris from the water column. Brennan has several types and sizes of duty cycle cranes and excavators that can be used in conjunction with an environmental clamshell. In these cases, an on-board computer is used in combination with RTK-GPS and high-accuracy motion sensors to allow the operator to pinpoint areas of material removal. All movements are recorded throughout the project to track production and removal accuracies.

Brennan owns several spud barges and hopper barges on which duty cycle cranes and excavators can be mounted to create safe and effective marine plants. Each piece of equipment is specifically applicable to mechanical dredge work. Most major pieces of equipment are load-lined vessels, allowing for mobilization between the various Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs). We also have amphibious excavators that can access sensitive wetlands where both standard excavators and barge-mounted excavators aren’t able to maneuver.

inset pic2 environ clamshell dredgingAdvantages of Environmental Clamshell Bucket Dredging

  • Reduces the amount of water that will need to be treated
  • Capable of handling large debris
  • Can be combined with hydraulic transport to form a hybrid system